We take pride in our ability to help businesses set up their bookkeeping systems. If you are a new business, we will assess your personnel's bookkeeping capabilities and what kind of financial information the owner needs on an ongoing basis. We will also assess whether the owner him/her self wants to be involved in the process. With this information, we will develop a bookkeeping system that matches the capabilities and financial information requirements. To start out, this may simply be writing checks and making bank deposits, and giving this information to us after the fact. It could also mean jumping straight into a computerized accounting program (click "more").
Bookkeeping and Accounting
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If you have already established a bookkeeping system, we will not try to re-invent the wheel. We will take the time to figure out how you currently do things, and determine whether or not there are any functions which are too time-consuming and/or burdensome for you. We will then develop a game plan which will minimize your time and expense, while ensuring the accuracy and timeliness of the financial information being produced. On an ongoing basis, we will adapt to your growing capabilities and needs. That is, initially you may not have the personnel to perform certain of the accounting functions, and may want us to perform them. Over time, you may choose to hire your own personnel to perform the functions. We can provide your staff with the trainng, and then simply be available for questions.